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 Rosebud's Rumor Has It


Type:  Multi-Gen  Australian Labradoodle
Coat:  Wavy Fleece
Color:  Red with white markings 
             Bbee; parti carrier
Size:  Large medium-19 1/2"; 44 lbs
Health Testing: PennHip (Adele's hips are in the top 5% for this breed!) OFA Hips, Elbows & Patella, CERF, Cardiac;
clear by parentage for: PRA,PRCD, DM, EIC, IC, vWD, PTPLA,SLC3A1, COL4A4,COL9A3, COL11A2, SUV39H2, PFKM,
MTM1, HCRTR2 and ATF2.
Adele is a gorgeous girl with a temperament that is a nice blend of both her parents - Callie and Whiskey.  She loves anything outdoors - dog parks, beach, trails, playing with other dogs, etc.   carbon copy of her amazing mom, Callie!  She not only looks just like her mom, but she also has the sweetest, calmest, most loving temperament, just like her mom.   See the screenshot of how her guardian human mom describes her via an Instagram post.  We can attribute Peaches nice solid structure to her dad, Flynn (our beautiful red boy).  We are so pleased at how she has matured in temperament and in conformation.  We can't wait to see what a wonderful mom she will be in early 2021.    
Sire: Whiskey 
Dam: Callie
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