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Registered Name: Rosebud's Alpine Rose

Type:  F1 Bernedoodle
Coat:  Wavy Fleece
Color:  Tri-color (BBEe)
Size:    Mini - 17"; 25 lbs.
Health Testing:  OFA Hips (good), Elbows & Patella(normal), CERF, Cardiac;  tested by Paw Print Genetics Bernedoodle panel:

Degenerative Myelopathy (Bernese Mountain Dog Type) Normal;

GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type) Normal 

Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures Normal (clear)

Osteochondrodysplasia; (clear)

Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration (clear)

Von Willebrand Disease I; Degenerative Myelopathy-(Carrier)  

Rosette is a wondeful combination of playfulness and snugglebug.  Her family calls her "Rosie Blue as everyone in her family has two names.  When she isn't hunting lizards and squirrels, she is wrapped around her guardian mom's neck, snuggling next to her, asking her human brothers to pick her up and love on her.   She loves going everywhere with her guardian mom and human siblings......the beach, hikes, soccer games, car rides, she is up for anything.   She LOVES being with her "peeps"  aka humans. =)  and especially loves belly rubs. 
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