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Rosebud Australian Labradoodles Logo of dog surrounded with roses and a rose in its mouth
We are NOT a 
kennel and not 
open to the public. 

Rosebud Australian Labradoodles
and Bernedoodles      

Home of ethically bred, authentic, multi-generational Australian Labradoodle puppies on the West Coast of California.    All of our beautiful breeding stock are health tested above the Gold Paw standard of the ALAA (Australian Labradoodle Association of America).  Our dogs are family members who either live in our home or with our wonderful guardian families with love, training, exercise and extra spoiling.  They are hypoallergenic, low to non-shedding and their puppies will become your new BFF and family member.  Our dogs produce all colors including red, apricot, cream, chocolate, caramel, black, parti and phantom.  Please feel free to look over our website and if you have any questions, you can send email  through the "contact" page.

Barbra Shea's Puppy Cam

Brooklyn's puppy cam

Rosebud Breeding Dog, Bernedoodle portrait - Black with white and tan markings
Oliver laying in yard - Dark chocolate with white markings
Rosebud companion dog sitting wearing scarf posing for portrait
Rosebud litter of puppies posing in planting containers
Rosebud companion puppy sitting in giant coffee cup printed with "Coffee, Tea or Me?"
Bruno sitting on turf - Black and tan phantom
Rosebud Companion Dog Portrait - Solid Red
Rosebud Breeding Dog Laying on Couch -  Solid White
Rosebud liter of puppies standing up on playpen gating
Remy as a puppy posing for a portrait - Apricot with white markings
Ruby laying in yard - Red caramel
Professionally taken Rosebud litter of puppies some standing in metal tub surrounded by lemons
Professionally taken Rosebud litter of 9 puppies all in a row
Georgie Girl sitting in a field of yellow flowers - Caramel
Professionally taken Rosebud basket of 3 puppies
Professionally taken Rosebud puppy sleeping
Professionally taken group of puppies sitting on miniature metal bed with fluffy mattress
Paw Print Genetics logo that says "View My Profile On Paw Print Pedigrees"

Click above link for our dogs genetic testing results.

Good Dog - Dog breeders are not vending machines
Olivia posing for head shot - Apricot with white markings
Orthopedic Foundation For Animal logo
good dog emblem recognizing Rosebud Australian Labradoodles for excellent health testing practices

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Bodie and Claire playing with ball in play area
Two puppies sitting on stair steps in puppy playground
Olive as a puppy posing for headshot - Tri-color sable phantom
Rosebud breeding dog nursing her litter of puppies
Litter of newborn puppies sleeping
Young Bernedoodle Puppy Portrait - Black with White and Tan Markings
Rosebud breeding dog nursing her litter of puppies
Birth of puppy still in sack
Rosebud Companion Dog Sitting in Car Seat - Caramel with White Markings
Rosebud Companion Dog at the Beach - Caramel with White Markings

All pictures and text on this website are the property of Rosebud Australian Labradoodles and are not to be copied, reproduced, or distributed without the written consent from Rosebud Australian Labradoodles.

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