Thank you for your interest in a Rosebud puppy!  

The breedings listed below will be through summer and fall which will mean a take home date in the Fall/late Fall/winter.  A lot of the unknowns involve Mother Nature and when our breeding girls will be bred.  I try to place you on a list based on size and color preferences. 

Please be patient with hearing back as I have 3 litters here at the moment, but I will place your reservation based on when I received your application.

Here are some upcoming pairings that will happen and more will be added as those decisions will be made.  Thank you for your patience----you will hear from us!

Rosie/Oliver: breeding approximately beginning to mid June (chocolates, partis & caramels and possible chocolate phantoms with wavy coats); small medium to solid medium in size (reservation and back up list is full until litter arrives)

Holly/Austin (Hammy’s parents): breeding approximately beginning to mid June (all caramels & partis); large mini to small medium in size. (reservation list is full)

Olivia/Lucky: breeding end of July/beginning of August - apricots & reds with white markings and possible partis; large mini to small mediums (reservation list is full)

Juliet/Louie: breeding approximately end of August (large mini/small mediums in reds & apricots and possible partis) (reservation list is full)

Mirabelle/Lucky: breeding approximately October (best guesstimate); reds, apricots and possible partis.  Minis to large minis

Lainey/Louie : reds and apricots in large mini/small medium. This breeding should take place in mid to late October. 

Callie/Whiskey (or Flynn as alternate): breeding approximately at the beginning of July (mediums in reds, apricots & caramels) This is Callie's retirement litter and her puppies are stunning with awesome temperaments! Mediums to large mediums (reservation list and backup list is full)

Ruby/Remy(if he is ready) or Louie is the back up stud:  breeding approximately at the end of July (large minis/small mediums in reds, apricots, caramels & partis) (reservation list is full)

Summer/Lucky:  (This is Hammy's sister!) breeding around late Oct to November (large minis/small mediums: all red and apricots with white markings or apricot partis) Back up stud will be Flynn: pups will also possibly be red caramels 

Caroline/Whiskey:  (This will be Caroline's retirement litter.) breeding mid to late October. Small mediums to solid mediums in reds, apricots and red caramels with possible white markings. 

Makai/Whiskey:  breeding approx late November/early December. Mediums to large mediums ( 40-45 pounds with gorgeous wavy coats. Colors expected:  reds, apricots, cremes with possible white markings. These pups will have solid boning and should have loving, playful temperaments.  (Reservation list and back up list is full.).  


Olive (Australian Labradoodle & Benson (the Bernedoodle) - THIS WILL BE OUR FIRST AUSTRALIAN BERNADOODLE LITTER!

breeding late 2020 (Nov. or Dec.); colors expected: tri color, sable tri color and possible parti tri color or black & white; approximately 30-45 pounds (best guesstimate) 

Expected Breedings for 

Summer 2020

******Please note******* We are listing the planned pairings for the following litters listed below, but we are working with Mother Nature and sometimes last minute complications might require making alternate plans for the stud.  We will do our best to estimate adult size, coat type, and color, but sometimes surprises happen and a puppy might mature a little smaller or larger than expected, or color may lighten or fade.  Please understand we do the best we can to provide accurate estimates based on our experience, but we cannot make a 100% guarantee of an exact size or shade of color.

I have done my best to estimate the timing of these breedings, but again, Mother Nature might throw us a curve ball. Breeder reserves the option of using a different stud due to circumstances beyond her control.  

Georgie & Louie - I am unsure when this breeding will take place, but my best guesstimate is spring (just waiting on Mother Nature right now)  Reds, apricots and caramels with possible white markings.  Small mediums in size - approx 25 -30  pounds with wavy coats

Will take reservations for this litter when the breeding takes place.

Rosalie/Lucky- (breeding has taken place): Large minis to Small mediums expected in the 24-34 pound range.  Reds and apricots expected (with possible white markings) with wavy coats. (Reservation and back up list is full).

Lainey/Louie- (breeding has taken place; due in June) large minis to small mediums (25-32 pounds.  Most likely dark reds and red caramels with white markings expected with gorgeous wavy coats. (Reservation list and back up list is full.)

Stella/Louie (Whiskey is the back up stud)- approx breeding in late spring or early summer.  This litter should be all shades of red with white markings and possible parti pups in the 28-35 pound range. (Reservation list and back up list is full.)


Remember 9 weeks gestation and then the puppies grow up here for 8 weeks before they are ready to go to their new homes.  

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