Thank you for your interest in a Rosebud puppy!   

We will be taking new applications on Sept 18th at 8am.  There will be an application tab visible on the "application page" on that morning.  

If you send an email, there might be a delay getting back to you as our first priority is to the current puppies and their moms and the families who will be bringing them home soon.   Thank you for your patience.

Once your application is approved you will be added contacted a to a Master list (in the order that your application came in) and when there is a breeding that matches your size and color preferences, you will be contacted to ask if you would like to be added to that litter reservation list.  


More pairings for summer, fall and winter 2021 will continue to be added.

Breeder reserves the right to skip a breeding due to having other litters already bred and not wanting to overextend the number of litters to take care of.  


After the dogs are bred, the gestation time is approximately 9 weeks.  After the puppies are 

born, they are raised in our home for 8 weeks. 

 Upcoming planned breeding pairings  for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021:

Lainey/Ace/Bogey: pregnancy confirmed; due around mid June. Reds and or apricots; possible black phantoms depending on parentage.  Could be minis to large minis or large minis to small mediums.

Sophie/Bentley: pregnancy confirmed; due early July: minis/large minis/small mediums; apricots and reds and red caramels with possible white markings. 

Australian Bernedoodle Litter:   Molly & Bogey - breeding completed; will confirm pregnancy mid to late June: colors expected:  tri color, chocolate phantom, black phantom and red (apricot)/white; approximately 20-45 pounds (micro mini to mini) 

Makai/Truman: breeding completed; will confirm pregnancy mid to late June; medium to large medium; possible black phantoms, possible chocolate phantoms, black with white markings, chocolate with white markings and possible partis.  

Olive/Bogey: breeding has taken place; will confirm pregnancy at the end of June.  Black phantoms; chocolate phantoms; tri color and apricots/caramels, with possible white markings in the 25-35 pound range. 

Poppy/Bentley:  approx late June/early July breeding; small medium to medium.  Colors expected:  reds, apricots and red caramels with possible white markings. 

Australian Bernedoodle Litter:Charley & Truman or Bogey: breeding approximately June:  approximately 30-50 pounds; tri color, chocolate phantom;  apricot & white.

Peaches/Whiskey: breeding approx at the end of June; medium to large mediums in all shades of red with possible white markings. 

Summer/Bentley: approx breeding in early July; mini, large mini, small mediums; reds and red caramels with possible white markings.

Ruby/Bentley breeding approximately in late July/early August;  minis and large minis (22-29 lbs); colors expected: reds, apricots and red caramels. 

Australian Bernedoodle Litter:  Rosette & Truman or Bogey: breeding approximately at the end July:  approximately 38-50 pounds; tri color, chocolate phantom; black phantom and possible apricot & white (if Bogey is the stud).

Georgie/Ace or Bogey: breeding approximately in October:  minis/lg minis/small mediums in caramels (if Ace is the stud) or caramels, apricots and possible phantoms if Bogey is the stud.

Sadie/Flynn: breeding in approx September:  mediums in reds/apricots with white markings

Rosalie/Bentley:  repeat breeding approximately end of September/beg October;  reds and red caramels; minis, large minis, small mediums with possible white markings.  

Annie/Bentley: breeding approximately in October:  minis/lg minis in red, apricot and red caramel with white markings (20-30 lbs) 

Stella/Whiskey: breeding approximately in late October/ early Nov:  mediums;  red, apricot and red caramel with possible white markings 

Australian Bernedoodle Litter Molly & Truman or Bogey: breeding approximately late Oct/early November:  tri color, chocolate phantom, black phantom and red (apricot)/white; approximately 20-45 pounds (micro mini to mini---depending on the stud)

Violet/Truman: breeding in approx late Nov; chocolates; chocolate partis; possible chocolate phantoms & sables; mediums 29-40 pounds possible. 

Sammi/Whiskey: breeding approximately at the end of November; small mediums, mediums and possible large mediums; all shades of red. All pups will have black noses.

Makai/Stud TBD:  breeding approx early December; colors will be updated when stud is chosen

Emmy/Bentley:  breeding approx at end of December; reds, large minis/small mediums; apricots and red caramels with possible white markings

Tatum/Bentley: breeding in approx December; large mini to small med in shades of red

We reserve the right to use a different stud than originally planned due to Mother Nature while trying to maintain the same size and coloring outcome.

​​​****ALL OF THESE BREEDING TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE**** Mother Nature is in control.

Remember 9 weeks gestation and then the puppies grow up here for 8 weeks before they are ready to go to their new homes.  

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