AB 702 - “The Breeding Ban Bill of 2021”

There is a bill introduced to the California Legislature that masquerades as a breeding permit bill, but it is in fact a breeding ban bill.  It is sponsored by Social Compassion in Legislation and introduced by Assembly Member Miguel Santiago of district 53.  It might be heard for the first time in the Business and Professions committee as early as mid-April.  The agenda of the sponsor is to narrow your choice to dogs imported from foreign countries funneled through shelters and rescues.   These dogs have unknown lineage, disease and are often older. 

You can find more information about the bill at:

https://www.naiatrust.org or https://naiaonline.org

You can write to the Assembly Member in your district and let them know that you oppose AB 702 here:



Also, if your assembly member is on the Assembly Business and Professions Committee you can write to them on social media here: