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Flea and Tick Medication Warning


The use of canine flea and tick medications that contain the active ingredient Isoxazoline can cause health issues, some life-threatening, have been well known amongst dog breeders through reporting using very popular online breeder’s forums.  However, there has been an ongoing debate over the years between breeders and the veterinarians that prescribe and sell these kinds of medications regarding their safety.  Now a peer-reviewed scientific study titled Survey of Canine Use and Safety of Isoxazoline Parasiticides exposes the safety issues of Isoxazoline-based medications.

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The study cites rates of serious adverse events including death, short and long term neurological, and other effects that are significantly higher than Investigation New Drug submissions (INDs) and FDA analysis.  Other effects include seizures, tremors, internal bleeding, behavioral issues, muscular balance issues, anaemia, nausea, diarrhea, hair loss, and lethargy to name a few.  The active ingredient Isoxazoline, a neurotoxin, is claimed to target insects only.  However, the study reports that the neurotoxin effects spill over to mammals including dogs and humans.  Reports from pet owners and veterinarians of adverse events were largely ignored by the industry until recently.  In 2018, the FDA issued an alert about the possible neurological events seen consistently across the Isoxazoline class of products.   Products in the Isoxazoline class include those that contain flurlaner, lotilaner, afoxolaner, and sarolaner.  Instead of discontinuing the manufacturing and sale of these kinds of medications, the industry updated label warnings.

There are numerous youtube videos and “fact” sheets promoting the use of these kinds of medications as being safe.  Conversely, there are many videos and testimonials documenting a large number of adverse events from first-hand experience.

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Is it really worth risking your dog’s health using Isoxazoline-based medications for flea and tick control when there are equally effective alternatives?  Rosebud Australian Labradoodles recommends the use of the following medications that do not contain Isoxazoline:

Capstar™ (nitenpyam)

Capaction™ (nitenpyam)

Sentinel® Spectrum® (milbemycin oxime/lufenuron/praziquantel)

Sentinel® Flavor Tabs® (milbemycin oxime/lufenuron)

Revolution® (selamectin)

Seresto® Collars (imidacloprid and flumenthrin)

Frontline® Gold (fipronil, (S)-methoprene and Pyriproxyfen)

Petsmont Flea & Tick Collar (plant-based oils)

Wondercide® Flea & Tick Collar (plant-based oils)

Wondercide® Spray (plant-based oils) – Various products some of which can be used on mature dog coats, floors, and outdoor areas

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