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Master List - Australian Bernedoodle

  1.    Anne M.  (on hold)
  2.    Hillary K.  (on hold)
  3.    Michael & Amy L. 
  4.    Shannon G (on hold)
  5.    Shannon G (on hold)
  6.    Sarah K - (waiting for Pearl)
  7.   Deborah S. (on hold)
  8.   Mary Kay M. 
  9.  Michele P 
  10.  Rivani H. 
  11.  Lizella W  (waiting for Pearl)
  12.  Melinda C.
  13.  Blake W.
  14.  Donna M  (waiting for Pearl)
  15.  Daniel J
  16.  Salvador A
  17.  Carly C
  18.  Ashley M 

Inactive List (have a deposit in but “on hold” until the future)

Jackie F

Shelby S

Anthony L

Neil C

Sue H.

Ryan G

Lauren C

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