Rosebuds She's Scentimental


Type:  Multi-Gen  Australian Labradoodle
Coat:  Wavy Fleece
Color:  Red with white markings (Bbee)
(carries the parti gene)
Size:  Medium - 18 1/2 "; 34 1/2 lbs
Health Testing: OFA Hips, Elbows & Patella, CERF, Cardiac;
clear by parentage for: PRA,PRCD, DM, EIC, IC, vWD, PTPLA,SLC3A1, COL4A4,COL9A3, COL11A2, SUV39H2, PFKM, MTM1, HCRTR2 and ATF2.
Dam:  Sweet Caroline
Sire:   Flynn
Stella has to be one of the most perfect dogs we have produced at Rosebud Labradoodles. She is the sweetest, most affectionate girl.  She can be super playful with her sister, but loves to cuddle and be next to you whenever you sit down.  He coat is glorious - a beautiful red with soft waves and her white markings are stunning.  She will be a nice solid medium girl at maturity.  We are over the moon with this girl and know her puppies will have so many of the same qualities that she has.  
Stella is named for the beautiful rose called Scentimental.  It's a beautiful red rose with white markings.