Rosebuds Violet's Pride                    "Violet"

Type:  Multi-Gen  Australian Labradoodle

Coat:  Wavy Fleece

Color:  Chocolate Parti (bbEe)

Size:  Small medium - 17 1/2"; 25 lbs

Health Testing: OFA Hips, Elbows & Patella, CERF, Cardiac; clear by parentage for: PRCD, DM, EIC, IC, vWD, PTPLA,SLC3A1, COL4A4,COL9A3, COL11A2, SUV39H2, PFKM, MTM1, HCRTR2 and ATF2. PRA (carrier)

Summer is very family oriented and gets along with everyone. She has enjoyed the rain this past winter and brings her toys outside to play with them in the rain.  She has a nice wavy coat with loose curls and has a personality that is a good combination of her parents.  

Dam: Rosie

Sire:  Oliver